Walk-in Pantry vs. Cabinet Pantries

Walk-in Pantry vs. Cabinet Pantries - Featured Image

Walk-in Pantry vs. Cabinet Pantries: Which One is Right For Your Home

Whether you are building your own home, expanding or upgrading your current home, or simply entertaining the idea of either–there are just too many decisions to make. From the design, layout & landscape to the wall color, carpet & light fixtures, you have a lot of choices to make. That’s where, hopefully, this pros and cons list can help. If you’re in the market for a pantry remodel–here is a more in-depth look into the infamous walk-in vs. cabinet pantry debate.

Both are excellent options! However, depending on your lifestyle, the amount of time you have for upkeep or cooking could make one option a lot more appealing than the other, let’s take a look.

Walk-in Pantries: The Pros and Cons

Walk-in pantries have a reputation that precedes them, the envy of every home cook, and the admiration of all Instagram kitchens, but is it right for you?


Space: This is a major contributing factor to the allure of the walk-in pantry. With more space, you can store anything your little heart desires- from Costco sized packs of food to Kitchen Aid Mixers, to Tupperware- the opportunities indeed are endless.

Organization: With all this newfound space, the Gordon Ramsey in you has the opportunity to make your kitchen supplies seem less cluttered and more Master Chef worthy. This added space and organization can lead to a more enjoyable meal prep experience for both you and your entire family.


Upkeep: Yes, the added space is a definite bonus (in most cases), though that does mean a little extra elbow grease is required to keep your pantry in tip-top shape. Dusting shelves, organizing containers, food, kitchen tools, etc.

Location: Though you may find the added storage helpful, some homes cannot spare the extra space needed for their kitchen or dining area (which the walk-in pantry would eliminate). When considering adding a walk-in pantry, you must take into account where this space is coming from and if that space is needed elsewhere.

very small walk-in pantry

Cabinet Pantry: The Pros and Cons

The cabinet pantry is a minimalist kitchen icon and a busy mom’s dream. If you are considering an upgrade, it is smart to think about these facts before making the jump:


Location: The location of a cabinet pantry is almost always ideal- right in the middle of (or close to) your kitchen. This makes meal prep and cleaning up quite simple because your pantry is so accessible.

Space: Whereas the walk-in pantry’s location may cause layout issues in your home, the cabinet pantry takes up next to no outside area as it is an integrated part of your kitchen.


Less Storage: It is true, the ease of infinite storage does not exist with a closet pantry. Storing those Costco items or Kitchen Aid Mixers may not be possible with your cabinet pantry (though I’m sure you could find cabinet space elsewhere to store the necessities).

Cost of Cabinets: When considering a cabinet pantry, you must also realize that you will most likely have to purchase custom cabinets that can fit your space and fulfill your needs (such as pull-outs and spice racks). Though highly coveted, this is a rather pricey endeavor.

Both pantries have appealing features and are excellent choices. Are you looking for a more visually appealing pantry with endless amounts of space? The walk-in might be for you! Trying to upgrade your kitchen storage but can’t afford to tear down your dining room/kitchen walls? Perhaps take a more in-depth look into having a cabinet pantry installed.

When considering which route to take, you should first decide what your specific needs are, what aspects of a pantry you find most valuable, and how much space and money your pantry may require. A pantry is a pantry, and either would be a great asset to your home.

So, as you continue your search for that perfect addition to your current or soon to be home, remember to enjoy the process of creating a better, more efficient kitchen space! Truly an essential part of your home (in popular opinion) is your kitchen; choose your storage wisely.