Maximizing Corner Spaces in Your Walk-In Closet: Expert Tips from The Closet Guy

Maximizing Corner Spaces in Your Walk-In Closet: Expert Tips from The Closet Guy - Featured Image

Corner spaces in a walk-in closet often need to be more utilized, but with the right strategies, these areas can be transformed into highly functional storage solutions. At The Closet Guy in the Greater Palm Springs area, we specialize in creating custom closet solutions that maximize every inch of space, including those tricky corners. Discover some practical ways to make the most of corner spaces in your walk-in closet, ensuring no area goes to waste.

Corner Shelving

Installing corner shelves can help utilize vertical space effectively. These shelves are ideal for storing shoes, bags, folded clothes, or decorative items. Corner shelves are handy for items that don’t require frequent access, retaining their organization and keeping them out of the way.

Lazy Susans

A turntable or lazy Susan can be a fantastic addition to corner spaces. This innovative solution allows you to store items such as shoes, accessories, or folded clothes and quickly rotate the shelf to access everything. Lazy Susans ensures all your belongings are within reach without clutter.

Corner Rods

Utilizing corner rods ingeniously maximizes hanging space. Installing a rod that extends into the corner allows you to hang clothes entirely into the corner without bunching or difficulty in access. This clever use of space keeps your closet free from congestion.

Corner Cabinets or Cubbies

Corner cabinets or cubbies provide additional storage where it’s needed most. Custom-built to fit the exact dimensions of your closet, these units ensure no space is wasted. They’re ideal for storing accessories, shoes, or folded clothes, keeping them neat and easily reachable.

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Double Hanging Rods

If your closet has sufficient height, consider installing double-hanging rods in the corner. This setup allows you to hang shorter items like shirts and pants on two levels, effectively doubling your available hanging space and improving garment organization.

Hooks and Pegs

Installing hooks or pegs in the corner can be a simple yet effective way to store items like belts, scarves, hats, and bags. These additions keep such items organized and easily accessible without occupying much space, enhancing your closet’s functionality.

Avoiding Crisscross Rods

A common mistake in closet design is installing rods that crisscross in the corner, making it hard to access clothes. Instead, opt to push one rod fully into the corner and stop the adjacent rod about 24 inches before the corner. This design ensures clothes hang freely and are easily accessible.

Corner Drawers

While corner drawers can sometimes be tricky, they are workable if appropriately designed. Opt for shallow drawers that do not extend too far into the room, making it easier to access stored items. Custom corner drawers are perfect for organizing small items.

Custom Solutions

For the best use of corner space, consider custom-built solutions tailored to your specific needs. Custom cabinetry, shelving, and rods can precisely fit into the corner, ensuring every inch is utilized efficiently in your walk-in closet.


Adding lighting to corner spaces can make them functional and visually appealing. LED lighting or small spotlights perfectly illuminate dark corners, making it easier to see and access stored items. Proper lighting dramatically enhances the usability and aesthetics of your closet.

By incorporating these strategies, you can transform the corners of your walk-in closet into highly functional and organized spaces, ensuring no area is wasted.

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