5 Storage Solutions for Seasonal Vacation Gear

5 Storage Solutions for Seasonal Vacation Gear - Featured Image

5 Popular Storage Ideas for Organizing Seasonal Items

It seems we never have enough space to store our stuff. And the idea of upsizing to a bigger home or taking on a massive renovation isn’t very appealing, nor does our pocketbook like the idea. But if you’re an outdoor enthusiast and like to vacation hard during the summer, you need someplace to pack all that gear away when the season ends.

Or, perhaps you are expecting guests at your vacation home this summer. With guests comes even more stuff. And space can be limited at a vacation getaway location, so strategies must be taken to ensure that you and your guests aren’t tripping over bags and suitcases all summer.

Whether you are trying to prepare for where to store stuff at the end of the summer, or if you need to create better use of your space for a few weeks, what can you do to pack all of that stuff out of the way? Check out this list for some great storage solutions.

Install Slatwall Panels in Your Garage

These panels are great for garages and basement space either at home or at your summer property. A variety of hooks and baskets can easily be added to these panels to make for creative, sleek storage space. Hang your bikes on hooks from the lower wall brackets, and then leverage mesh bags and wire storage baskets higher for sporting equipment, pool or beach toys, buckets, shovels, gardening tools, and other outdoor recreation equipment. Large summer toys such as canoes, surfboards, kayaks, water skis, and boogie boards can be stored vertically or horizontally. The hooks, brackets, baskets, and shelving can be arranged to effectively maximize the space for your needs. Slat panel accessories lock into place to ensure items are safe and secure but can be repositioned if you add more items. It’s not uncommon to add more and more summer gear each year, so a versatile and scalable storage system ensures you always have room to add the latest and greatest item.

Add a Drop-down Storage System in the Garage

If you have rafters in your garage, consider adding a drop-down storage system that can be accessed using a pulley system. This is a great way to store off-season items, home decorations, etc. These pulley systems alleviate the need for a ladder and can be easily accessible by people of all heights and strengths.

Upgrade your Mudroom

Work with a closet expert to redesign your mudroom space if your budget allows. When you have a lot of people coming in and out at all hours, they will likely track in mud, dirt, grass, and leaves. And they are also expected to drop whatever they carry in that space, creating a foot traffic hazard. Add custom shelving to store lunch bags, coolers, beach mats, blankets, and extra beach towels. Make sure you have plenty of hooks for hats, beach bags, and jackets. The installation of a few drawers, if your space allows, can effectively store your beach or pool passes, sunscreen, wallets, keys, and a variety of smaller items. If you have space, add a bench area to sit when putting your shoes on. And, shoe storage can be added underneath the bench to store off-season items.

Modern Mud Room

Laundry Room Enhancements

If your property has a dedicated laundry room, this is a great space to maximize by installing deep storage shelves above your laundry machine for items used less often. Adding a full-length pantry door or cupboard can allow the storage of taller items such as your broom, ironing board, vacuum cleaner, etc. Add a reinforced foldable wire rack to an empty wall that can be extended to hang swimming suits for drying after a day at the beach.

Transform Your Linen Closet

Transform your linen or hall closet into a seasonal storage solution with built-in shelves. Either yourself or by hiring a closet expert, maximize your linen closet space by adding baskets and shelves to house toiletries, lotions, soaps, and shampoos. Extra bed linens, pillows, and towels can also be stored here for easy accessibility by guests. They will increase their comfort level when they don’t have to come to you repeatedly asking about the location of this or that. When you maximize the space, you can also leave a few areas open in the linen closet so that guests can store their toiletries out of the way instead of leaving them on the bathroom counter.

Luxury Laundry Room

Now that summer solstice (the first day of summer) has passed, we have until September 23 to maximize our fun in the sun. And the more organized we can be, the more fun we can have. Not only that but keeping your vacation items well organized and stored safely and appropriately will also reduce the likelihood that something will be misplaced or inadvertently forgotten when packing.

If you know that you need help with storage space but think your home or property is just not designed to add storage solutions, don’t fret. Today’s storage solutions maximize space, even in the tightest of spaces. Custom storage systems are available for reach-in and walk-in closets, pantry shelving, garage cabinets, media units, and so much more. Even boat houses, outdoor sheds, and storage units can be optimized to maximize space without killing your budget.

For more ideas for summer storage or to improve the storage space in any part of your home or summer getaway location, contact The Closet Guy for a free in-home design consultation. We know your time is valuable, and we will work around your busy schedule to find the most convenient time to meet with you. We bring over 40 years of design, manufacturing, design, and installation experience with custom cabinetry, furniture, and storage systems. Our custom-tailored designs and friendly customer service can help anyone in the Palm Springs area with custom closet installations and organization needs.