5 Simple Steps To Get Your Closet Ready For Summer

5 Simple Steps To Get Your Closet Ready For Summer - Featured Image

While we love our closets and they are essential to our daily lives, cleaning them is never an easy task. What tends to make this even more desirable is that we must confront this task each season as we transition from various types of weather. 

The following five steps will help you through the summer closet cleaning process and ensure your decluttering process is easier than ever! 

Divide Items By Season

Sorting through heaps of clothing is a rather stressful process; try placing clothes into piles of seasons to make the process easier and more efficient. Instead of facing your entire closet, you will only need to contend with smaller piles of clothing. Bags, shoes, and various accessories may not need to be done similarly as they tend to transcend seasons. 

The next part of the process is to create three sections in the room, one for trash, one for keep, and one for things you are unsure of yet. Keeping the sections as far apart as possible is important to ensure things do not get mixed up in the wrong piles. 

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Look at each pile with an objective mind. 

Now you are going to come to the difficult process of looking through all of the items and deciding what to keep and dump. This is not going to be an easy process as some items will have an emotional attachment or feel we may use that one item eventually. 

To stay objective, you will need to ask yourself if it is an item you can not live without or when you last used the item. 

Once you have gone through all of the stuff, you will need to do the same with the “maybe” pile. You may find that you are still having issues deciding what to keep. If this is the case, you should call a friend and have them help you decide what you need to keep. 

Because it is summer, you will want to give yourself a little more leeway with summer products, at least for some additional time. Consider allowing a few months to try them on, and if you don’t wear them, you know they can go to the trash or donation box. 

You will continue this process until all of the seasonal and accessory piles have been fully sorted out. 

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What to do with the “toss” pile. 

Look over the general quality of the items that have been placed in the discard pile. If there are any rips or stains within the garments, it is best to trash them simply. Additionally, you may want to consider repurposing some of these items as rags or even drop cloths for projects around the house. 

If there are items in good shape, you can consider selling them to a second-hand store or even selling them yourself. You will want to consider the various rates and restrictions within consignment shops and even selling online. 

Of course, you may choose to help those who may be less fortunate than yourself. You can donate all of your unwanted goods to a local charity in the area. In many cases, you will find donation boxes throughout your town or contact a local church or organization to find out who may be accepting clothing donations. 

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Summer Clothes, In. Winter Closets, Out. 

You are almost done and will be able to get the closet ready for summer! The first part of the process is to get all of the clothing you will not be wearing for the season and place it away. There is no reason to have hats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters out during short and bikini weather! 

There are several options in regards to storing your winter clothing. You can place these items in a box and place them in the attic, basement, or storage closet. Winter items can also be stored under the bead or placed in luggage until the season is upon you. 

Once your winter clothing has been organized, you can have fun by placing all of your colorful summer clothing in the forefront of the closet. You can also place your spring/fall items in the closet but toward the back end of the closet. 

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