Get Motivated to Minimize and Declutter Your Closet

Get Motivated to Minimize and Declutter Your Closet - Featured Image

How To Get Motivated to Minimize and Declutter Your Closet

It seems like everyone is decluttering their home to get a little bit closer to a minimalist lifestyle. Though there is a ton of  research on the impact of clutter on our mental health , the trend today seems to favor minimalist movement and it’s becoming more popular each day.

But if you’ve tried your hand at sifting through your closet to determine what best serves you, and what you’re ok with letting go of, you may have experienced the all-too-common overwhelmed and bored feeling. It’s no easy feat to go through all of your belongings. It’s not always fun and exciting to spend hours and days on end deciding how much those you like that cashmere sweater or how much those argyle socks mean to you – when the last time you wore them – and if you will ever wear them again.


That’s why we’re reminding you why you chose to do declutter your closet in the first place. No doubt living with less stuff is a tremendous help to your anxiety. But we know you may need a little pick-me-up when you’re feeling drained from the process, so you can still reach your goal of living with less clutter.

Having a Clean Home Feels Great

When we reduce our clutter, we let the light in. Our spaces become more inviting, less distracting, and most of all – clean! And having a well-organized closet spaces can significantly boost your mood. We have has some customers shed tears of joy after seeing their new closet.

Proudly Entertain Guests 

Long gone will be the days of saying, “Sorry, excuse this mess!” If you enjoy having friends and family over, you’ll feel freedom from the need to explain the condition of your house when they arrive. You won’t worry about the laundry pile on the kitchen table, or the dishes in the sink. You’ll be able to be present with your guests and forget the concerns about the condition of your home.

Improved Focus and Concentration

Did you know that we purposely leave clutter around so that when we’re faced with deadlines or uncomfortable tasks, we can busy ourselves with cleaning? It’s true. Thats why you feel the urge to organize your sock drawer instead of something you need to get done. Removing those distractions will give us the focus we need to complete tasks and projects that we’ve been putting off.

Save Time

Have you ever headed out the door only to find you didn’t have your keys? What about being late to an appointment because you couldn’t find your power tie or red soled shoes before your big meeting? When you live an organized life you tend to carry less stuff with you. Your ability to reach for the things you need, precisely when you need them, will significantly reduce the amount of time you previously spent in search of said items.

Save Money

When you carefully consider each item in your home, keeping what best serves you and tossing the rest, you’ll be considerably more aware of your spending habits. You’ll recognize what you already own, and decrease the chances of buying multiples of an item because you don’t remember if you have it. You’ll also think twice about what you choose to bring into your closet. You may even adopt a new rule that for every item of clothing you bring into your home, another item is removed.

Boost Your Mood

Often, we hear people say that our surroundings are a great indicator of what’s going on with us internally. When we live in disarray, not only do we feel a little more anxious as a result of never having things in order, we also tend to feel more depressed. Once you reach your goals of decluttering, maintaining your home will be a breeze. Your stuff will no longer own you, and you’ll find that your mood reflects those changes.

Keep these reminders close by when you feel weighed down by the task of decluttering your closet. There’s a bigger picture that promises much more positive experiences, and your happiness is worth the effort.

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