Turn Your Walk-In Closet Into A Boutique

Turn Your Walk-In Closet Into A Boutique - Featured Image

Turn Your Walk-In Closet Into The Boutique Of Your Dreams in 5 Easy Steps!

Everyone loves a walk-in closet. What’s not to like? It’s a giant space that stores all your favorite clothes, and hopefully, it provides you with plenty of room for all things. In an ideal scenario, you can stand in the middle of your beautiful wardrobe, carefully inspecting every garment until you find the perfect outfit. But if it feels cramped and unorganized, you should consider a change. 

Your custom walk-in closet can become more than just a space to store clothes with the right design and planning. It can become a place to showcase your decor and even be a relaxing oasis. 

These 5 tips can help turn that walk-in closet into a full-fledged boutique sure to wow your friends and give you the peace and quiet you deserve.

#1: Lighting, Lighting, Lighting 

Just like location is the most important thing in real estate, lighting is the key to creating that boutique look and feel. Make your boutique closet warm and inviting with various lighting options, including recessed lighting and puck lighting. These small and simple options will do wonders.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they focus all their lighting ideas and implementation on the ceiling. Grab some cheap and easy to install LED strips and line them alongside things you want to draw people’s eyes to.

Or, if you want to get fancy, go for statement lighting. It’s right in the name: lighting that makes a statement. Talk to your closet contractor about your options as they come in a wide variety of forms, such as pendant lights or a chandelier. Use your imagination and create a statement that lasts! 

#2: Maximize Your Space With An Island

Storage isn’t (and shouldn’t be!) limited to walls. Break up the flow of a room a bit with an eye-catching center island. Placing a nice marble top on a custom chest of drawers not only creates more spaces to store clothes and jewelry but provides tabletop space for packing suitcases and bags. Or maybe you want to put some flowers or a family heirloom up there to greet you each time your enter. No matter what you decide, a center island creates visual variety while giving you some practical storage options for your belongings and must-have for most closet projects I complete.  

#3: Statement Seating 

Your new boutique isn’t just an art exhibit to show off to your friends and family; It’s a place for your to decompress and put together the perfect outfit. Sometimes that means having to sit down. Find a space for some seating options, whether it be a fine chair, ottoman, or bench–you are going to what to try on those new red-soled shoes without having to bend down.

#4: It’s a Vanity Affair

It’s time for a night out. You want to look your best. That means sitting in front of the vanity to do your makeup. If you have space, a beautiful vanity gives you the lighting you need to put on the perfect makeup and adds a sense of elegance and style to your boutique. The extra drawers also add much-needed storage space, meaning your makeup won’t clutter up all your space. It might be time to consider turning your old spare bedroom into a closet space fit for a Queen! 

#5: Maximize Your Space With Valet Bars

You spent a lot of money to look good, and you want to be able to store and protect your clothes, so they keep you looking sharp for years to come. Say hello to valet bars. After a dry cleaner trip, hang them up nice and neat on your pullout valet bar, ready to go. Not only do they protect your freshly cleaned clothes, but they also help you prepare outfits for the next day. This small yet incredibly functional addition to your boutique will make all the difference. Hang one Valet Rods higher up if you want to display long flowy dresses.  

There are a lot more options out there to make that walk-in closet into the boutique of your dreams. Find a designer who jives with your vision, and get to it. You deserve it.