Reasons To Visit The Living Desert Zoo And Gardens iIn Palm Desert

Reasons To Visit The Living Desert Zoo And Gardens iIn Palm Desert - Featured Image

Reasons To Visit The Living Desert Zoo And Gardens In Palm Desert

If you are looking for a Palm Desert attraction that is educational and entertaining, look no further than The Living Desert. This zoo and gardens offer visitors the chance to explore miles of desert terrain, see over 5000 animals worldwide, learn about Palm Springs wildlife through interactive exhibits, and much more!

This botanical garden in Palm Desert, CA, has many different attractions, including the brand-new Australian Adventures, which will allow people to experience the land down under and its many animals. It is an engaging event, wholly immersive, featuring wallabies that will interact with people. There are also cockatiels and free-flying budgies that will make everyone happy that sees them, along with tawny frogmouths and very playful emus. You will also get to see wallabies that have yellow feet and see rock formations in Australia, plus experience the many different rentals in Australia that enjoy this particular habitat. You will also get to see desert species in this country called the land down under!

The Living Desert specializes in the deserts of the world. From the more wild areas of America to the African savanna, The Living Desert allows guests to see over 100 species and 500 animals. African Safari is a great adventure, allowing you to see wild dogs, zebras, and cheetahs, as well as giraffes. You can feed the giraffes, something that you will never forget. Wilds of North America will feature the Mexican wolf, jaguars, and mountain lions as well.

The botanical gardens will feature deserts located in Mexico and North America, along with 50 immersive gardens. In addition to all of this, you can go on hiking trails, allowing members and guests to have a good time. At the Discovery Center, G-scale model trains can be seen, along with Wildlife Wonders, a presentation that will show you if natural trails, plus there are cafés, and you can also see goats when you go to the Petting Kraal.

The Living Desert Museum is a must-see for anyone who enjoys art. This museum features an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures that have been collected from around the globe, including works by Salvador Dali and Joan Miro. It also has over 15 acres of outdoor space with wildlife displays, so there is plenty to see when visiting.

A nonprofit organization, and an accredited member of the Aquariums and Zoos Association, all of the animals are properly taken care of, plus it is all within this community in which breeding programs, habitat protection, and extensive conservation research can be examined. The Zoo, which is in Palm Springs, has been available for people for nearly 50 years. You can visit this location that is in Palm Desert.

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