How To Organize Your Baby’s Closet

How To Organize Your Baby’s Closet - Featured Image

Develop a System for Organizing Your Baby’s Closet

Even if you’re are an organized person, baby clothes require a bit of extra effort when it comes to organization and storage. Those little pieces of cloth make for quite the experience with folding that usually springy piles that get stuck in the drawers.

Then you find yourself routinely sifting through items that no longer fit your baby because their growth rate seems consistent with the speed of light. It’s hard to get motivated to organize clothes don’t stick around for long, and sometimes we get rid of them before they even have a chance to be worn.

So what can you do to make sure those outfits are going to be used before they’re outgrown? How can you best organize the closet in your baby’s nursery to allow for easy access to her outfits when there’s a blowout or grandma is looking for that sweater she bought the little one for Christmas.

In short: develop a system that works for your busy lifestyle….and use dividers. That’s it, folks! I find that by incorporating inexpensive dividers you use a space designed for like you for any age individual. Once they grow up, toss the dividers and voila! If you think about it like that, the task doesn’t seem as daunting.

Future Proofing is a Must

As you anticipate your baby’s grand entrance, think a little further into the future when it comes to organizing his or her closet. Get creative with how you’ll adjust to the needs of your space by inserting shelving and hanging space that can easily be moved around for future functions.

Your baby’s closet may house tons of hanging clothes and reserve boxes of diapers and wipes. You’ll have shelving and hanging racks at particular heights to accommodate those items, but when you’ve officially moved to longer torsos and accident-free underwear, you may find that the current set up no longer serves your needs. Keep your options open, and you’ll be sure to appreciate the flexibility in those structures of the baby’s closet.

Pro Tip: Consider a modular closet system as part of the baby planning process to make life easier for you as their needs change and grow.

young girl's closet neatly organized with bins and boxes.

Use All the Dividers

It’s beneficial to utilize dividers for the drawers and closets during the first year because it will give you the most flexibility and use of your space. When you’re gifted with beautiful clothes at your baby shower,  you will get items that are for different stages and ages–separate them into groups using drawer dividers and soft hanging shoe storage cubbies for additional storage.

Pro Tip: If the drawers are full and the tiny clothes are springing out and getting caught, try laying a plastic cutting board on-top of the clothes to keep them down.

If you hang all of your baby clothes up, using dividers with categories that indicate their varying sizes, you won’t find yourself sifting through clothes that your baby isn’t quite ready to wear. If you want to go the extra mile and have a clean, streamlined aesthetic, consider using the same color and style hangers.

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Mix Up Your Storage Solutions

If you begin by hanging all of the baby clothes up in the closet, it’ll make it easier to see everything your baby has to wear, especially as you try to keep up with her growth. All too often, small clothing that’s hard to fold can overwhelm moms, and hanging them is a great solution. But over time you may find its more practical to fold the ever-growing clothes and categorizing them in the sections of a dresser drawer, rather than hanging up each piece.

Concealed storage and open shelving allow you to utilize bins and baskets to categorize clothing more efficiently. In toddlerhood, outfits you purchase tend to be comprised of individual tops and bottoms that are interchangeable and have no need to be paired before dressing your kiddo for the day. Alas, you can elect to have a section for tops, bottoms, socks, and accessories, while leaving the jackets and dresses hanging in the closet.

You’re sure to have a fun time dressing your baby and watching him grow. Keep up with your baby’s essentials and embrace the process of preparing for your little one! If you have any questions or would like more information about improving your closet space in Palm Springs, please contact The Closet Guy.